Skater chopsticks ABC3 returohurenti, the best Japanese chopsticks of 2020

The Skater returohurenti chopsticks are the favorite choice of experts in Japanese gastronomic culture. Their durability and unbeatable value for money make them the best Japanese chopsticks of 2020, they are perfect for noodles, rice, ramen, salads and meats.

Technical characteristics

  • Chopsticks size: length 18 cm
  • Material of chopsticks: methacrylic resin
  • Chopsticks cushion: silicone resin
  • Case size: width 19 x depth 3.1 x height 1.3 cm
  • Case lid material: AS resin
  • Case body material: ABS resin
  • Made in Japan
  • Model: ABC3
  • Manufacturer: SKATER Co., Ltd

Advantages over other chopsticks

  • An adjusted price: although there are cheaper chopsticks, there is none that offers the guarantees and standards as high as these, it must be remembered that these are luxury chopsticks and in their category there is none that competes in quality-price the ABC3 Due to their durability and high standards, these chopsticks are relatively inexpensive and will last for many years.
  • Sound of the chopsticks: these chopsticks have silicone parts that are very attached to the cover, this makes the sounds are not annoying at all, one of the main annoyances of chopsticks is the sound, thanks to this it is very pleasant.
  • Comfort: for those looking for the ideal and perfect size, these chopsticks fit like a glove. According to experts in Japanese gastronomy, they are the perfect size, they are very comfortable and soft.
  • Easy cleaning: washing them is extremely easy, you have to take care of the silicone parts are easy to lose, but beyond that in general the maintenance process of the toothpick is relatively easy, it is important to take care of them, although they are very strong we want you to last for many years.
  • Texture: the body of the toothpick has several components, it consists of ABS, methacrylic and silicone, its composition is of the best materials for gastronomic comfort, it has a very soft and flat texture with which you do not realize its different components, but when using them if you feel them much more useful.
  • Easy to store: The airtight case of the chopsticks makes it incredibly comfortable to transport them, since it has a very novel and elegant design, it is a lining that represents very well it is also luxurious to match the chopsticks.

ABC3 Skater chopsticks models on sale

How to use ABC3 chopsticks

The ABC3 chopsticks are used like any other chopstick. Their only difference is static, simply luxury and quality, but for those who do not know I will leave you here a small guide in an image and in a video.

Before buying the ABC3 Skater returohurenti black chopsticks, you should know this

The chopsticks are almost perfect, but I want this review to be as clear as possible and clear all your doubts before making such an important purchase. Silicones tend to have a strong odor after a long time but that can be prevented with good toothpick cleaning, they can also come off or get lost during a wash, they must be treated with care from that point of view.
Beyond this small detail, everything else must be highlighted, a great product, great quality, for people who love these utensils this is a masterful choice.

Final conclusion: The best luxury chopsticks

Perfect for many reasons: their ideal size to be used anywhere, their presentation with a lot of glamor and luxury, very practical for all meals, these points make these chopsticks have a great score, always relating their luxurious standards with an affordable price.
Finally, a great point in favor of the ABC3 skater chopsticks is their incomparable price. It is a product for luxurious purposes, especially for people who love these utensils and provide that practicality of being useful at home, at your work, at a very luxurious dinner or anywhere, they are personal utensils for toothpick lovers.

Experts in Japanese gastronomic culture have a very clear opinion: they recommend the skater returohurenti ABC3 Black Chopsticks as the best choice of 2020

If you are looking for some luxurious Japanese chopsticks, the ABC3 returohurenti skater chopsticks is your best option.

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